Lovin’ Lake County Aims to Protect the North Shore, Partnering with Leave No Trace

lovin lake county and leave no trace partnership

Lovin’ Lake County, Lake County’s official tourism bureau, has recently partnered with “Leave No Trace” to protect the pristine, natural areas throughout Lake County. The partnership aims to educate folks with easy-to-follow outdoor principles to help minimize environmental impact.

“From the North Shore of Lake Superior to the Boundary Waters, there are infinite recreational opportunities to enjoy the beautiful wilderness of Lake County. We believe our partnership with Leave No Trace will give us the resources and tools to promote the mindful use of trails, campsites, and other natural attractions in our area,” says Janelle Jones, executive director of Lovin’ Lake County. “Earth Day week seemed the perfect time to launch our new sustainability campaign, ‘Care for Lake County.’”

“Care for Lake County” Campaign

Lovin’ Lake County has adopted the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, which have inspired the creation of short videos that show how everyone can do their part to enjoy the outdoors while easily keeping Lake County good as new for years to come.

Watch more Care for Lake County videos.

“We’ve created a series of videos available on YouTube, social media, and our website that focus on the steps people can take to ensure the sustainability of our region, such as picking up after your pets, how to prepare, and staying on trails,” says Jones.

Castle Danger Brewery Earth Day Cleanup

Putting the Leave No Trace Principles to practice, Lovin’ Lake County will support and join the Castle Danger Brewery Earth Day Cleanup, scheduled for this Saturday, April 22, from 10 am – 12 pm, meeting at Castle Danger Brewery. Volunteers 21+ will receive a free pint for their help, and youngsters can enjoy a free root beer.

For videos and more information about Leave No Trace and how to “Care for Lake County,” visit our website at LovinLakeCounty.com.

About Leave No Trace

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The Leave No Trace organization accomplishes its mission by providing innovative education, skills, research, and science to help people care for the outdoors. By working with the public and those managing public lands, Leave No Trace focuses on educating people—instead of costly restoration programs or access restrictions—as the most effective and least resource-intensive solution to land protection.