Local Event Grant Guidelines


Lovin’ Lake County (LLC) recognizes and appreciates local area organizations for the effort and time they put into our communities and the events that provide exposure to local nonprofits, increase commerce for local businesses, and attract visitors to our beautiful area. Because it is in our best interest to keep events strong and lodging occupancy rates high, LLC offers financial assistance through Local Event Marketing Grants.

Organizations can submit this application on a needs basis. However, funding requests must follow application submission deadlines. 

Quarterly application deadlines for grant requests over $1,500

  • March 31 
  • June 30 
  • September 30 
  • December 31 

LLC will review Micro Grants up to $1,500 on an as-need basis throughout the year. The set guidelines apply to all LLC Grants. 

You must request Micro Grants at least three weeks before the event to ensure appropriate marketing planning and execution for a successful event.

grant rules and evaluation process

To qualify for a grant, events must take place within the Lake County, MN, lodging district

We evaluate and score grant applications based on the following criteria:

The purpose and goal of the event

  • Season or timing of the event – preference is given to off-season events
  • Potential economic impact: Will the event bring visitors to the area?
  • Event marketing plan: If funded, how will you spend the dollars on promoting the event?
  • You have other types of funding sources to fund the event (i.e., other sponsors, fund matching from your organization, etc.)



Lovin’ Lake County’s Mission is to:

  • Promote and develop tourism and economic development through marketing and events
  • Stimulate Lake County’s economy and enhance the quality of life for all who live here
  • Protect the area’s unique attributes to benefit all Lake County residents.

We evaluate and score grant applications based on the following criteria:

  • You must receive verbal and written support from LLC
  • You must list Lovin’ Lake County as a sponsor on all marketing materials. Examples include:
  • Listing our name or logo on your website/event page
  • Adding LLC as a co-host of the event on social media, print ads, T-Shirts, banners, radio, & TV ads. If you don’t meet these conditions, you must return the funds.
  • How well events support and align with Lovin’ Lake County’s mission.

You may not use awarded funds for the following expenses:

  • Prizes or purse money
  • To pay staff or volunteers
  • For purchases made before the grant award

Additional Provisions:

  • LLC caps annual grant amounts at $10,000 for privately-owned establishments
  • LLC will own any capital expenditures valuing more than $1,000
  • You must account for all expenses with verified receipts. In addition, you must pay back the dollar amount of any missing receipts to LLC. 
  • Estimate to the best of your ability participant and spectator data numbers (via the post-event survey)
  • Lodging data collection (via post-event survey)
  • Event grants cannot be used for any political purposes, including fundraising events for a political candidate.


Once your organization receives the grant, please complete and sign the contract and submit a W-9 for tax purposes. Once you meet these two requirements, we will disperse the funds to your organization.

You must agree to the LLC Grant Guidelines before applying for a grant. You will be directed to the application upon agreement.