Curling in Lake County

Hurry hard for some north shore Curling

In northern Minnesota, curling is a much-loved sport by women and men from all walks of life, ages, or abilities. Over the years, curling has grown in popularity, likely because of the local pride felt when northern Minnesota’s Winter Olympics Curling Team earned the USA the gold medal in 2018.

Although some level of fitness is necessary, you don’t have to be a star athlete to throw some rocks or sweep a broom. Many people with a disability or in a wheelchair enjoy playing the game.

Perhaps some of the most pleasurable aspects of curling are the friendships and camaraderie made between teammates and their opponents. Northerners love to share a few beers, meet new people, visit in between matches, and share stories. You likely won’t find big egos or elitism in this winter sport.

two harbors curling club

Two Harbors Curling Club

Two Harbors Curling Club provides recreational and competitive opportunities at the local, regional, and national levels. Additionally, it gives the local community an affordable way ...
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Where to Curl in Lake County

Two Harbors Curling Club gives Lake County communities and visitors an affordable and fun way to learn about and play the popular winter sport.

The Two Harbors Curling Club hosts local, regional, and national competitions and puts on several bonspiels each year. Even if you’ve never curled, bonspiels can be an entertaining and social way to get some physical activity in the winter months.

Rent the Club and Bring Your Friends

Looking for a unique way to gather with friends or build positive work relationships? Bring your group in and curl in Two Harbors! The Curling Club can offer instruction and a bartender for your event.

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