Local Events Marketing Grant

Grants: Guidelines and Application

Lovin’ Lake County recognizes and appreciates local area organizations for the effort and time that they put into our communities and into the events that provide exposure to local nonprofits, increased commerce for local businesses, and attracts visitors to our beautiful area. Because it is in our best interest to keep events strong, and lodging occupancy rates high, Lovin’ Lake County offers financial assistance in the form of a Local Event Marketing Grant.
This application can be sent in on a need basis. Funding requests must be for events that occur within our specified time frame, and you can apply on a yearly basis.

The suggested maximum is $1,000, though larger requests will be reviewed and considered for funding. Justifications for larger allocations must be documented.

Rules and Regulations:

Events must take place within Lake County MN Lodging district to qualify for a grant
Consideration for the grant is scored on four categories:

  • Purpose and goal of the event
  • Season or timing of the event – preference is given to off-season events
  • Potential economic impact – will the event bring visitors to the area?
  • Marketing plan – if funded, how will the dollars be spent?

Please note: applying for the grant does not guarantee final selection
Submit all applications to michelle@lovinlakecounty.com

Event Coordination

Our mission is to promote and develop tourism and economic development through marketing and events, to stimulate Lake County’s economy, enhance the quality of life for all that live here, all while being mindful of protecting the area’s unique qualities for the continual benefit of all Lake County residents.


  • Participant and spectator data collection (post event)
  • Lodging data collection (post event) *See Below for more info
  • Verbal and written support of Lovin’ Lake County
  • Examples: Website, Social Media Accounts, Print Ads, T-Shirts, Banners, Radio, TV ads
  • Events should follow the mission of the Lake County CVB
  • Funds awarded may not be used for prizes or purse money
  • Funds will not be used to pay staff or volunteers


If your event is being funded or partially funded through Lovin’ Lake County, we will assist in marketing the event by promoting on our website, social media, and direct emails. If you wish to have us help further, we can assist in marketing the event through additional ads. We can assist in composing a budget and making the marketing plan.

Examples of services that we can help support your organization are:

  • Digital Ads
  • Radio Messaging
  • Television Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Posters
  • Street Banners
  • Street Signs
  • Event Swag (Pens, mugs, hats, stickers, ect.)

To Apply:

Please complete the form below to apply for an Event Marketing Grant.

"*" indicates required fields

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
What are the goals for your event? Highlight the specific your organization will measure a successful event?
What outside funding sources will your organization use outside of your Lovin' Lake County request?
How many individuals do you anticipate will attend the event? Please include participants and spectators.
Please let us know how you would like us to help with the event:
Due to weather or unforeseen circumstances where there may be low turnout how have you prepared your event to help combat this? Do you have a back-up plan if something unforeseen should happen?
Have you applied or received funding previously for an event through Lovin’ Lake County? If so, how did you use the funds and what was the impact?
Are you requesting funding for more than one event this year? If so, please list the other events:
Will you be using some of the funding provided by Lovin’ Lake County to market your event? If so, please explain where you will be using the marketing dollars and the organizational marketing goals:
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Street Banners

Lovin’ Lake County orders street banners from Jim Gilbert at Waldo Sign Works @ waldosignworks@gmail.com or Floyd Baker at 763-443-7238 (lemondropshop.com) When ordering banners, please take the following into consideration:
Dimensions: 33” H X 357” W
Grommets should be every 2 ft.
Select reinforced corners


All varieties of the Lovin’ Lake County logo including the brand standards, can be found on our website. Please include the logo on all promotional materials.


Permits may be needed for your event, depending on the location of the event. Please check with the county and city to make sure that you are following all standardized rules and regulations. Your organization may need to check with the city, county or highway department if you are putting up any signage or will be using vendors.

Public Relations

Public Relations and promotions are ways that we can help publicize your event for free. We work in partnership with various local media outlets. If your organization has a press release that you would like promoted, please pass it along to us and we will also help in promoting the event.

  • If you would like Lovin’ Lake County to write the media release for you, please include the following information:
  • Website links or social media resources
  • Photos and videos
  • A written synopsis of the event, and if applicable the cause or organization that the event will contribute to.
  • Person/persons to contact for further information

Tax Documents

All individuals and independent contractors (corporations are exempt) will need to submit W9’s to michelle@lovinlakecounty.com to receive the funding. This includes third parties submitting invoices on behalf of the event.

Post-event Meeting with Lovin’ Lake County

A necessary step for future funding is to meet with Lovin’ Lake County post-event. We will like to recap and discuss how the event went, go over KPI’s, and help you fill out the post-event resource document. We would also like to discuss any future plans with your organization and help plan out the next fiscal year and upcoming possible funding. Receipts and/or paid invoices will need to be submitted post event to Lovin’ Lake County.