Fall Lake Township & the Boundary Waters

the World's Most Pristine Wilderness

In the northern region of Lake County (just east of Ely, MN) you’ll find Fall Lake Township which encompasses a large portion of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

Every year, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts travel to this part of northeastern Minnesota to experience its pristine wilderness and to fish, canoe, hike, and camp completely off the grid. In the BWCAW, there is no cell service, so it’s best to travel with either a guide or someone with experience.

Staying in Fall Lake & The Boundary waters

Several remote resorts in Fall Lake offer lodging options from newly constructed to rustic cabins as well as campsites. Many resorts also offer boat, canoe, and kayak rentals as well as fishing guide services. If you’re making a trek into the BWCA, a variety of outfitters can ensure you’re prepared to explore the vast wilderness and likely catch your limit in fish.

If you plan to camp in the BWCAW, you’ll need to apply for a permit, which the US Forest service limits annually. Plan ahead if you’d like to visit between May – September, as the permits are very limited during the summer months.

Hiking Trails Near Ely and the BWCA

Explore a variety of hiking trails, including:

  • Kawishiwi (pronounced KOW-ish-i-wee) Falls Trail
  • Secret/Blackstone Hiking Trail
  • Bass Lake Hiking Trail 
  • Kekekabic Trail West
  • Powwow Trail (Stony River Township & BWCAW)

In addition to Fall Lake, the area includes the White Iron Chain of lakes, including:

  • White Iron
  • Garden
  • Farm
  • South Farm (BWCAW)
  • and Birch Lakes

Other popular lakes located within Fall Lake Township include:

  • Snowbank Lake
  • Newton Lake (BWCAW)
  • Basswood Lake (BWCAW)
  • Moose Lake (BWCAW)
  • Mudro Lake (BWCAW)
  • Jasper Lake (BWCAW)

Fun Fact: Of Lake County’s 829 lakes, 799 are within the BWCA!


Below, you’ll find additional information and resources about Fall Lake Township and the BWCAW: